C10 PRO Damping Kit - Vibro Solutions

C10 PRO Damping Kit - Vibro Solutions

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The C-10 PRO kit consists of the following Vibro Solution products in Black

  • Three Boxes (60 Sq.ft) of 2mm vibrodamping material which will cover from the top of the firewall all the way to the top of the back wall.
  • One Box (30 Sq.ft) of 6mm Vibro insulator 100% waterproof foam. This product is installed on top of the 2mm foil to add additional sound and heat insulation.
  • One Box (8,9 Sq.ft) of 7mm Backwall sound insulator, The product was designed and tested as a two in one layered solution for sound damping and acoustical sound absorption. We have re-engineered this product for the C-10 and are currently in production of a ONE piece back wall solution measuring 72”X17”
  • One Roll (80 ft) Black foil tape for taping the seams for a final clean touch.
  • 2mm vibrodamping Mat
  • Butyl Construction
  • Mastic High Adhesive
  • 0.1mm BLACK Aluminium Top Panel
  • Special Deep Tension Anti Resonance Top
  • Sheet size 375 x 265 mm
  • 60 Sheets Supplied
  • Volume Pack Coverage 2sq.m (60.0 sq.ft)
  • Weight 46.1 lbs

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